The recently concluded Strategy Refresh for PNPA PANATA 2050 of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) was held from November 25 to 26, 2020 at the Heroes Hall, PNPA, Camp Gen Mariano N Castañeda, Silang, Cavite which was facilitated by the Center for Police Strategy Management (CPSM), and attended both physically and virtually by a total of 70 participants comprised of: members of the different divisions of the PNPA, Academic Group, Tactics Group, in-service and retired Lakans, and PNPA Cadets.

The Strategy Refresh aimed to review the Environmental Scanning and Process Check of the PNPA, and to revisit the PNPA Vision, Mission, Mandate, Philosophy, Core Values, Road Map and Scorecard. The activity was conducted to realize the Transformation Journey of the PNPA as the premier institution for police education and the primary source for commissionship for Police Lieutenants.

The following are the highlights of the Strategy Refresh:

The opening ceremony on November 25, 2020 (Wednesday) at 8:00 AM which began with an Invocation delivered by Ms. Gina G Saavedra, Staff, Religious Affairs Office. PBGEN WALTER E CASTILLEJOS, Director, CPSM delivered his message. PBGEN NOEL A BARACEROS (Ret), Member, NAGPTD then delivered a brief lecture on the transformation journey of the PNP and PNPA. An audio-video presentation was shown to the facilitators and participants as a backgrounder for the strategy refresh. The entrance briefing ended with the message of PBGEN RHODERICK C ARMAMENTO, Director, PNPA;

After the opening ceremony, a brief tour of the PNPA facilities was conducted to the give an overview to the Strategy Refresh facilitators and participants on the ongoing transformation of PNPA facilities since its transfer from the PPSC to the PNP;

 For the workshop proper which started in the afternoon session, PCOL VICTOR V AREVALO, Deputy Director, CPSM delivered a brief presentation on the Context Setting, House Rules and Schedule of the workshop;

 PLTCOL WESLEY JOHN R GONZALES, Officer-In-Charge, Scorecard Management Division and Strategy Review Division delivered the lecture on Revisiting of the PNPA Charter Statement and Road Map. He presented the previous outputs of PNPA as the basis for the conduct of Strategy Refresh;

 PCOL ERCY NANETTE P MADRIAGA, Chief, Organizational Alignment Division, CPSM facilitated the lecture on the Environmental Scanning and Process Check Tools. After the lecture, PCOL MADRIAGA supervised the workshop on the Environmental Scanning ang Process check tools. The participants were divided into four (4) groups and were tasked to review the Customer Analysis for the PNPA. They identified the primary and secondary customers of the PNPA and the impact of the services of the Academy to said customers.;

 The second day of the activity on November 26, 2020 session began with the presentation and critique of the workshop outputs during the first day which was supervised by PCOL MADRIAGA. The groups presented the PNPA’s Primary Customers, Secondary Customers, Stakeholders/Services and Customer Value Propositions (CVP)/ Outcome. In addition, they also identified the PNPA’s Internal/External Factors, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, SO Strategic Options, WO Strategic Options, Threats, ST Strategic Options and WT Strategic Options. Lastly, they discussed the PNPA’s Present Stage, Gaps, Desired Stage, Strategies and Initiatives.

PLTCOL GONZALES facilitated the workshop on Revisiting the PNPA Vision, Mission, Core Values, Philosophy and Road Map Perspectives to start the afternoon session. PLTCOL GONZALES highlighted some key considerations during the workshop, which includes, among others the result of the PNPA Process Check/Environmental Scanning; Responsiveness of existing Vision, Mission, Mandate, Philosophy, Core Values; Alignment with the PNP’s Vision, Mission, Mandate, Philosophy, Core Values; and Alignment of PANATA 2050 and the PNPA Director’s, 11 Thrusts and, the new mandate of the PNPA pursuant to RA No. 11279.

 After the workshop, the participants presented their outputs on Revisiting the PNPA Vision, Mission, Core Values, Philosophy and Road Map Perspectives, after which the CPSM facilitators and other participants gave some critiques. During the presentation, the facilitators and the participants meticulously analyzed the portions of the PNPA’s Charter Statement that they think should be retained, removed or revised;

 The synthesis was delivered by PLTCOL GONZALES wherein the initial outputs of the of the 2-day Strategy Refresh and the Way Forward were presented. The initial outputs that were presented include: Updated PNPA Environmental Scanning; and Updated PNPA Vision, Mission, Mandate, Philosophy, Core Values, Road Map Perspectives, both of which are considered as a work-in-progress. The Ways Forward are: Further engagement (can be done virtually/hybrid) to finalize the updated PNPA Vision, Mission, Mandate, Philosophy, Core Values, Road Map Perspectives and Objectives; Aligning with PANATA 2050 and the 11 thrusts of the Director, PNPA; and Updating of the PNPA Scorecard; and

The closing ceremony formally ended 2-Day Strategy Refresh. PBGEN BARACEROS delivered his message followed by the Message of the Director, PNPA, PBGEN ARMAMENTO. Certificates and tokens were given to the facilitators, followed by a photo opportunity.

The conduct of the Strategy Refresh resulted in the attainment of the following initial outputs: Updated PNPA Environmental Scanning; and

Updated PNPA Vision, Mission, Mandate, Philosophy, Core Values, Road Map Perspectives.

Further engagement (either hybrid or virtually) will be scheduled to finalize initial outputs for Strategy Refresh.